We get our watches directly from our manufacturer in Switzerland. Our watches are individually made using the latest precision technology at every step to design and create these modern classics, combined with the finest materials and components.

Every Watch passes through a master watchmaker’s hands. Who finish each assembly personally, test and calibrate each and every watch and the final step is in passing the watch to our CEO for the sale of each watch.

Every watch is machined from very high grade steel, gold- plating and precious metals for our bespoke orders. Our Stainless Steel cases gives excellent toughness, even down to cryogenic temperatures. Our movements are the finest quality movements which are used in all the Gents and Chronograph watches.

With the incorporation of craftsmanship and the latest in technology, our matchmaking is safe on the wrist. Unique, exciting, dynamic, creative craftsmanship fusing heritage with modernity, our watches is more than time itself.


Every piece of jewellery we sell and all brand watches are carefully examined. You get with every piece:

– The certificate of authenticity for the watch.
– The certificate of authenticity for gold and silver and precious stones.

Money-back warranty

If you are for any reason not satisfied with the delivered goods, you can return them within 6 months without giving any explanations to Splendor and have the purchase price refunded.

Guarantee of Quality

Each jewellery piece is checked by our own experts to meet the strict quality standards of Splendor: Only first-class pieces processed in jeweller quality, real gold- plating manage the inclusion in the Splendor collection.

Each precision timepiece runs through the manufacturer’s strict quality control.

The long-term guarantee

Splendor offer the following long-term guarantees:

– On any brand watch 5 years
– On every gold-plating 10 years